Beauty sevices



After more than 20 years in health industry , I felt like I wanted to try other areas. I chose the profession of a beautician because this way I was able to use my previously acquired knowledge as well. I have been working at Álomarc Cosmedica since 2013, where I can perfectly combine both of my professions.

I look forward to seeing you!

Classic treatments

The most defining and popular treatments today are skin rejuvenating, cell regenerating, vitalizing and firming treatments. Thanks to modern drug research, such treatments have a dual effect, e.g. cell regeneration and tightening.

Luxury treatments

The characteristic of the treatments is that the use of both the preparations and the devices is prescribed by a strict protocol. The active ingredients in very high concentrations work on each other in the deeper layers of the skin. Using machine procedures (facial iron, iontophoresis), these treatments become even more effective.

Teen treatments

Skin pollution caused by everyday environmental exposure, as well as hormonal changes, pose a serious challenge for professionals in the effective treatment of oily, acne prone skin and unbalanced oily skin.

During the treatment, the dead epithelial cells are removed, then the skin is softened and the blocked sebaceous openings are cleaned. It is closed by disinfecting the treated area, shrinking the pores and then applying a soothing wrap.

Men's treatments

A youthful, well-groomed appearance is at least as important to a man as it is to women! The successful man of the 21st century regularly enjoys the help of a professional, so he can effectively ensure a good appearance in a short time! Aesthetically, a “beautiful” man means something different than the facial skin of a woman and a man. So male facial beauty is completely different from ladies.